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Feeling down or frustrated because your roof shingles are slowly, maybe even rapidly, turning black? It's a common occurrence in Tampa, Florida in general, and you're not alone! Given Tampa's nearly year round hot and humid climate roof fungus is an inevitable blight upon all our homes. These fungi feed on organic matter such as wood, paper and asphalt, just to mention a few, and in the process, decompose and eventually destroy the material on which they grow. Pressure washing the hard surfaces with specially formulated chemicals and high pressure water is the best, the only, solution to remove the fungi from you exteriors. But what about the more delicate shingles on your roof?

Many people wonder why a Florida pressure washing company would offer roof cleaning when you know that shingles should NOT be pressure washed. The answer is in the application of the same chemicals used to clean your house. When cleaning a shingled roof, the chemicals are applied like a mild rain and rinsed using more water volume than any such pressure to thoroughly clean shingles. Many home owners don't even know their roof can be cleaned removing stains and the dark discolored look. Roofs can be cleaned and generally a roof cleaning produces results that look like a new roof. If your roof looks darker or green in some or all areas it probably requires cleaning, not replacing.

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